Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

 "MUSASHINOKINZOKU Corporation" understands that we are connected to the environmental load reduction of the community.
We show our connection through operations as the "iron scrap processing work" "waste industry".
In addition, we bring much of our trust to the customers and think that it is important for our plans to associate with the suburb areas as a community-based factory, to do so we promote to environmental decisions.

Basic policy

  1. Acts on the principles of safety first by tidying up the establishment and considering the sunlight matter of environmental laws with the others applied to the operation concerned.
  2. Contributes to the operation of the recycling society and promotes "energy saving, resource saving" and "reduction or recycling" of waste.
  3. Acts of continuous improvement towards determining environmental purpose, environmental target, and performing a review regularly.
  4. Act for continuous improvement of environmental purpose, environmental management system to improve performance by determining an aim, and performing a review regularly to achieve an environmental policy.
  5. We thoroughly undergo the environmental policy to all employees and open to public.
Shinya Tachibanna


 Omiya business officeacquired ISO 14001 certification.
Applicable standards ISO14001: 2015/ JISQ14001: 2015
Scope of registration Recycling of Iron Scraps, Nonferrous Metals(cutting and compression) and
Intermediate treatment of industrial waste(cutting and compression).